About Us

IgweMba is a Travel/Hospitality Rental and Accommodation booking platform in Nigeria. Our services cut across Hotel/Guest House Booking, Hall and Event Centre Rentals, Car Hire, Limousine Services, and many more.

The idea was indeed born in 2015, but was officially launched in 2016.

Reservation can be made online through our secure reservations platform, while payments are to made to the principal owners of the properties or services.

How It Works

When bookings/reservations are made through IgweMba, the code attached to the invoice is your unique identification number in addition to your name and phone number. IgweMba would instantly forward your details to the principal owners of the service(s) or property you have booked, informing them of your indication of interest. These unique details especially the code would be required of you by the principal.

As indicated in the Terms and Conditions, booking through IgweMba is free; our customers only pay what the principals charge for their properties or service. So do not break the bank because you need comfort, make that booking through IgweMba, and you would never regret you did.

Our Approaches

IgweMba may be powered by a team that is yet verdant in the Vacation/Travel/Leisure and Hospitality Rental business, but we can assure you that our team of young, vibrant and creative entrepreneurs work round the clock to provide you the best of services.

We believe in maintaining a cordial customer relationship, hence we are ready to do everything within the ambit of the law and our company to make sure you enjoy your business with us. By so doing we hope to make you our Existing Customer.

Corporate Social Responsibility

IgweMba is powered by vibrant minds that are not just out to make money, but are keen on ameliorating the intellectual capacity of the Nigerian youth. To this end, we occasionally organize intellectual competitions for students after which prizes are awarded to winners. There was the IgweMba Essay Competition that was organized for the students of Federal Government Boys’ College, Abuja in 2015. This competition saw the emergence of four winners who were rewarded accordingly.

Depending on the logistics available to us, we hope to also get involved in charity works in future.


Hotel Booking, Car Hire, Limousine Services, Halls/Event Center Rentals, etc.
Igwemba Chukwugoziem

Managing Partner

Hotel Booking, Car Hire, Limousine Services, Halls/Event Center Rentals, etc.
Ikechukwu Obioma

Legal Adviser

Hotel Booking, Car Hire, Limousine Services, Halls/Event Center Rentals, etc.
Okeke Samuel

Head, Marketing